Peter Lemer

Keyboardist & Composer


1966 LP Peter Lemer Quintet Local Color ESP-DISK'
1967 CD Randy Kaye Quintet Brooklyn 1967. May 24th. Tears For A Year Gone By Philology
1969 LP SME (Spontaneous Music Ensemble) OLIV Marmalade/Polydor
1974 LP Don Rendell Just Music Spotlite
1975 LP Baker Gurvitz Army Elysian Encounter (FOC) Mountain/Atco
1975 LP Seventh Wave Psi-Fi Gull/Teldec/Janus
1976 LP Graeme Edge Kick Off Your Muddy Boots Threshold records
1976 LP Jesse Green Nice And Slow EMI
1978 LP Ascend Creatures of Light and Darkness ???
1978 LP Harry Beckett Got it Made Ogun
1978 LP Vince Cadillac Modern Boy Satril
1978 LP JUBIABA Jubiaba MCA
1978 LP Annette Peacock X-Dreams Aura/Tomato
1978 CD Annette Peacock X-Dreams Aura/See For Miles
1979 LP Pierre Moerlin's Gong Time Is The Key [IS] Arista/EMI/Great Expectations
1979 LP Mike Oldfield Exposed (2 LP. live Mar/Apr) Virgin/Ariola/Victor
1979 LP Mike Oldfield Platinum [IS] Virgin/Ariola/Victor
1979 LP SME (Spontaneous Music Ensemble) Live Vinyl
1980 LP Peter Lemer /G’Naoua Asilah 80 - Au Théatre Al Kamra À Asilah ‎(LP, Album)
1981 LP/CS/CD Andrew Lloyd-webber CATS (Original London Cast) Polydor
1985 CD Mike Oldfield Platinum Virgin
1986 LP Tony Evans Broadway Goes Latin Tema records
1986 LP Tony Evans Simply Beautiful Tema Records
1986 LP Jerry Garval Reggae for Jerusalem CP
1986 LP/CD Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia Heavenly Bodies TM Records/VeraBra
1986 2xLP Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia A Cry From The Heart Live in London 7/8th nov 87 TM Records
1987 LP In Cahoots Cutting Both Ways Impetus
1988 LP In Cahoots Split Seconds Reckless
1988 CD Mike Oldfield Exposed (2 CD box) Virgin
1988 LP Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia A Cry From The Heart TM Records
1988 CD Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia A Cry From The Heart Live in London 7/8th nov 87 VeraBra/TM Records
1988 CD Mark Wood La Mezcla MMC
1989 CD In Cahoots ' Cutting Both Ways" + "2ND SIGHT" Cuneiform/VIRGIN
1989 CD Andrew Lloyd-webber Highlights From Cats Really Useful Records
1991 CD Pierre Moerlin's Gong Time Is The Key [IS] Great Expectations
1991 CD In Cahoots In Cahoots Live 86-89 Mantra Records/VIRGIN
1991 CD In Cahoots Diggin' In Cuneiform/VIRGIN
1991 CD Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia Breathless TM Records/VeraBra
1992 CD Peter Lemer Quintet Local Color ESP-DISK'
1992 CD SME (Spontaneous Music Ensemble) (- Big Band & Quartet Live 5/11/71) Konnex
1993 CD Baker Gurvitz Army Elysian Encounter (FOC) Repertoire
1993 CD In Cahoots IN CAHOOTS Live In Japan Crescent/VIRGIN
1993 CD Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia Everlasting Flame VeraBra/TM Records
1996 CD Dick Heckstall-Smith Celtic Steppes 33 Records
1996 CD In Cahoots Parallel Crescent
1996 CD Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia Lady Saxophone VeraBra
1998 CD Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia Shifting Sands Intuition
1999 CD Peter Lemer Lookin' for Soup Moving Finger Music
2000 CD Gilgamesh Arriving Twice Cuneiform
2000 CD In Cahoots Out of the Blue Crescent
2000 CD Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia Thompson's Tangos Intuition
2003 CD Billy Thompson/Peter Lemer Players of Games Moving Finger Music
2003 CD In Cahoots All That Cuneiform
2003 CD Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia In The Eye Of A Storm (Compilation) intuition
2004 CD Kate Westbrook Cuff Clout Voiceprint
2005 CD Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia Never Say Goodbye TM Records
2005 CD Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia Chapter and Verse (compilation) Intuition
2006 CD Tony Evans Simply Beautiful Tema Records
2006 CD In Cahoots Conspiracy theories Crescent
2010 CD Tony Evans Hey Look Me Over Tema Records
2010 CD George Khan P.S. with love 33 Records
2011 CD In Cahoots Mind Over Matter Crescent
2011 DVD Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia Live ’05 TM Records
2012 CD New Departuers Poetry Olympics POEM! 2012 OPTIC NERVE
2014 CD SME (Spontaneous Music Ensemble) Oliv & Familie EMANEM
2015 CD Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia The Last Fandango Temple
2015 CD Pepi Lemer back2front Right Recordings
2015 EP Pepi Lemer back2front limited edition EP Right Recordings
2017 CD George Khan Ah! ( 1968-2005) EMANEM
2018 CD Peter Lemer Quintet Son of Local Color ESP-DISK'
2019 CD Fat John Sextet Honesty (recorded 1963) Turtle Records

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